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FAQ's Images & Text

1. Is there any photo quality restriction for a personalized photo item?

The general rule is the better quality of the photo the better quality engraving or printing it will provide for. Although we accept most photos, the higher quality the better. It is best to avoid blurry or dark photo. If the photograph is slightly out of focus, too small, too dark or too bright, it will be challenging for us. But our photo editors will employ every photo shop trick to enhance your photo, and usually it is not impossible to create an acceptable personalized photo item. Only in extreme circumstances will photos not accepted, we will contact you for a different photo. We encourage customers to provide us with reasonable photos and reasonable expectations.  

2. What image file format do you accept?

Our system can process many image file formats, and the most common file formats include JPEG, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIF, and TIFF etc. If your image file format is not listed here, please contact us at and we will let you know if your image file format is compatible.

3. How large can the image file be?

Some file formats will compress a large image to create a smaller file size for uploading. The higher compression ratio you use, the more image quality will be lost. Your file shouldn’t exceed 5 MB, and the file size should upload fairly quickly if you have DSL or cable internet connection. 

4. How do I send my digital photo to you?

You can simply upload your digital photo through our website or send it by email. We recommend uploading files between 150kb and 5MB for the best picture quality.

5. What should I do if I want a specific layout or have a special request with my order?

We encourage you to share your idea with us if you have a specific layout in mind. You can describe in detail where you want the image and text placed.  We do our best to meet all of our customers' special requests. However, if your request is not possible, we will contact you directly to let you know.

6. Can you add a symbol to my text?

Yes, we can include symbols in the text. If you would like to include a symbol, please give us a 'Special Instructions' or send us the symbol.

7. Can you include more than two lines of text for an item?

Yes, you have the option of engraving, etching or printing text along with your images, logos, or graphics.

8. Is there a text character limit?

We have NO character limit including spaces. We may recommend a character limit because it may work best with the shape, size of the crystal and image. Especially in smaller items, longer text might interfere with the images since there is less space for the engraving.